People as Particles and Waves

In quantum physics the double-slit experiment shows that electrons can act both as particles and waves. In 2013 experiments showed that larger molecules also can act as particles and waves. While scientists debate and explore what it might mean if quantum physics were not just quantum, people who work with energy directly have long had experience with the idea that all matter and non-matter operates as both particles and waves.

Most people in the modern world are familiar with the idea that people act as independent particles, relatively separate from one another in body, mind and spirit. However, in many ancient societies there has been an alternative understanding of humans. In this understanding we are in fact part of a much greater whole, operating as one, and naturally able to access information from each other, as well as from animals, nature and the earth.

The reality that a human is both a particle and a wave exists at the same time, just as an electron exists in both states simultaneously. In fact, all energies, having been formed from something larger, are always a part of the wave of the larger form they have come from, as well as being a discrete, individual energy.

A person, as part of the earth, is a part of many waves simultaneously. One of these waves is the wave of humanity. While a person always remains an individual, they can also choose to expand their perception to encompass the larger wave, and in this way connect with and perceive other humans in this wave form. It’s entirely possible for a person in America to connect with the thoughts and perception of a person in Australia, for instance, if they are able to move their perception to the expanded version of that wave.

Being part of the wave of humanity affects you regardless of whether you are aware of this connection or not, and you affect the energy of this wave regardless of whether you know it or not, because it is an essential energetic part of who you are. When one person learns new information or makes a discovery, all others are affected by this. When one person struggles and has difficulties, all others are affected by these actions also, even when you are not consciously aware of the impact.

You can move into an understanding and comprehension of the energy of another person, a group of people, a nation as a whole, humanity, all living creatures, the earth, the universe, and then back to the perception of yourself as an individual again. To do this fully, however, requires a number of different skills. It requires the ability to shift your own perception at will and the ability to handle an extremely large amount of incoming information at once, which can be overwhelming to people at first. It also requires the skill to shift back to perceiving yourself as a separate again, a task which is just as difficult and also just as necessary as moving away from your individual perception. Learning these skills can take some time and effort, but they are really natural abilities which lie within all people.