My Childhood Near-Death Experience

When I was 2 ½ years old I had a near-death experience. This is what I remember.

From a perspective of extreme pain and emotional trauma in my physical body, instantly I moved perspectives and was myself, as energy, hovering above my physical body and looking down upon it. In the moment I moved into a different perspective, there was no emotional or physical pain and I felt incredibly calm and relaxed watching everything below. There was *no pain* and *no yearning* in that state. Everything came easily, was understandable and clear to me. There were two beings on either side of me, represented by two balls of light. We were all watching calmly the activities below us in the physical world. We were sort of interested in the activities below, but not at all emotionally attached to what was happening.

I was NOT surprised to be there, and NOT surprised about the beings on either side of me. In fact, I felt that I knew them well and had at other times been with them watching the activities in the physical world and watching myself in my body. The experience felt very commonplace, it did not feel shocking or unusual in anyway.

One of the beings then indicated, “let’s go over this way.” To which I indicated agreement and all three of us started moving towards what I knew to be a completely different dimension than the physical universe (I felt I had been there before also). No words were spoken between us; all communication was simply by means of knowing what we each were intending to communicate.

My memory of this experience stops there, although there is obviously more to whatever happened. However, the impact of the experience runs very deep within me, because in that state of being I intuitively knew so much knowledge, that I still remember now. It is the knowledge that I had access to in that state, much more than what actually happened in that memory, that affected and still affects me so deeply.

Also, after this near death experience, I retained the ability to see and interact with the beings of light. I kept this ability for about three years, until I had to go to school and I knew it was the most appropriate choice for me to become more focused in the physical world.

Some of the things I knew and felt when I was focused from my perspective as energy were:

·        I am NOT my physical body. My core being is an energetic being and I look out from the perspective of a physical body while on earth in this life (though I can also choose to view life from a perspective outside my physical body if I choose).

·        I am NOT female or male. My physical body in this life is female, but my core energetic being is just me. The gender classifications exist on the physical body only, not on an energetic perspective.

·        I am NOT any particular ethnicity and I am NOT from a particular country. My physical body was born in England and is Caucasian. In this life I am a British person, but myself as an energetic being does not have an ethnicity or come from any particular country.

·        I CHOSE to be here on earth for a specific reason, I chose to be born as a white female in England in this particular life, and I could have made any choice I wanted, been born into a totally different body.

·        Physical age means nothing other than physical age within the physical body. Babies that are born are all eons old, have access to vast amounts of knowledge and have vast amounts of wisdom. They cannot communicate this. They also start to forget what they know as they grow older and are socialized (aka – move more consistently into their physical perspectives and leave their energetic perspectives temporarily behind).

·        Time does not work the way we think that it does on earth. This concept would take eons to explain.

·        The physical world and universe is just one small (tiny) plane of common perspectives within the universe. There are millions of other places from which to view the universe.

·        While we each are viewing and living life from the perspective of our physical bodies, we can choose to view life from the perspective of ourselves as energetic beings at any time (although that is a difficult shift to make, if we are used to only identifying with ourselves as our perspectives within our physical bodies). In other words, we are not truly  “trapped” in our physical bodies at any time, it is just a perspective that we choose to see life from, though we can feel trapped in this perspective.

·        We are NEVER *EVER* alone. There are beings with us constantly in the energetic perspective, helping and guiding us and talking with us in our own energetic perspective. We can gain the insight of that help if we connect to our own intuition and allow ourselves to feel and hear that advice. It is always there. There are so many watching our lives with us, every second of every day.

·        When we dream, we connect more fully with that state and have full access to important information at that time. Although we do not necessarily remember consciously in the morning, we do have closer access to it intuitively than if we had not experienced it in the dream state.

·        We decide from the energetic perspective what we want to do and experience in life and often know the results of different actions in the dream state, although we do not normally remember the results consciously when we awake.

·        Events and situations are created by us through our thoughts, beliefs and actions. We have total control of everything that happens to us in our daily life, although we often forget how to create specific situations in our waking life.

·        No matter what happens in life, there is no pain carried over into death. When we switch perspectives from our physical bodies to our energetic perspective, we understand everything clearly and there is NEVER any judgement upon ourselves or upon any others.

·        There is no separation between ourselves and other people or other energies from the energetic perspective. We can connect with anyone or anything at any time. From our physical perspective, however, we often block that knowledge and connection because we are not connected with our intuition.

·        The universe consists of an energy that is PURE LOVE and all things are created from this energy.

·        All people (and energies) have access to this state of pure, unconditional love all the time, if they are willing to accept it. There are vast seas of energy that look upon you positively at all times. It is often overwhelming and uncomfortable to feel the depth of unconditional love from our physical perspectives, because we rarely allow ourselves to accept this love.

·        There is NO EVIL in the universe AT ALL and you always have complete control of what you do and the situations you end up in. However, if you believe you do not have control or someone else is controlling you, you can feel as though you are not in control.

·        People can and do truly horrible things, however all these things are caused by their own perception of their separation from the natural state of love and balance, and extreme and unfruitful attempts to get back to this state. In death they all return to who they truly are.

·        Death is an amazing experience for everyone, always. Initially there can be some distress in leaving the physical perspective, especially for people who are heavily tied to this perspective. That time of separating from the physical perspective can seem like eons when it is happening. However, after this perspective is moved away from, when you are in the energetic perspective again, there is always total clarity and peace.

·        Those that have died before us exist as their energetic selves and can connect with you at any time. However, they are NOT the selves they were when they were in their physical bodies, they are their energetic selves, which is much larger, more expansive and a totally different perspective that the one they viewed life from when they were in a physical body. If they felt pain when they were alive, they no longer feel pain and they learned from having the perspectives during the lives they lived on earth.


These are just some of the things I knew and felt when in that state, and I can feel when I am able to move to an expanded perspective of who I really am. Not all of these things I remembered as I grew up. Some of these concepts took me time to remember, and others were with me my whole life. In particular, I always knew that I was not my physical body, I was so much more, and I was not constrained by any of the labels that were foisted upon myself as a physical person. I used to be offended that people saw me as a physical being only. Now I understand that is just a perspective. Beneath that exterior, so there always so much more true connection between all people. My hope is that in sharing my story, that is ignites a spark of recognition and memory in some people, to remember more of who they really are and what they really know.


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