Challenges After a Near-Death or Profound Spiritual Experience

During a profound spiritual experience, such as a near-death experience, a person might become aware of vast or infinite wells of knowledge, experience overwhelming emotions of love and compassion, and alter their personal values and beliefs in a short amount of time. People often return from these experiences with many varieties of heightened awareness and sensitivities to energy that they did not have previously. While all these aspects can take some time to process, one of the biggest challenges people face when they return to this world is observing the difference between the type of world they now know can exist, and the world they currently live in.

Experiencers know it is possible to view both themselves and others through the eyes of pure, unconditional love. They know what it feels like to access infinite intelligence. Sometimes they understand how it feels to have access to all their powers of creation, with no limits to where they can go, what they can witness or what they can create. 

Yet when people return to their physical bodies, it can be a jarring journey to return to a world that looks and feels so utterly different from where they have been. Not only do experiencers feel the gap between the potential and actual state of our world, but they often come back to lives where they realize they are not being what they could be themselves, not doing what they truly want to do, expressing all their abilities or feeling comfortable with the depths of their emotional selves.

How a person deals with the contrast between what they have seen is possible and what they are now living often defines how successfully the person integrates their experience into their everyday life. Importantly, if a person believes that there is no way to narrow the gap between the type of world they would like to live in, and the world they currently see, then it can become quite difficult or even depressing to view the world and humanity. People can linger in a sense of disappointment or disillusionment in humanity, which is not a fun place to live. Some people isolate themselves because they feel that as the world is now, there is no real place to be who they really are or do what they really want to do. 

On the other hand, when a person finds some concrete way to work towards their larger vision, then the feeling of lack in the world subsides or does not exist. The person can they feel that they are always working towards something greater, and can begin to connect with the real and substantial place they hold in this personal and societal evolution.

These issues are not isolated only to those who have had spiritual experiences, but to all people that yearn for something greater in their personal lives and in the evolution of the world. For anyone who has a substantially large vision or experience of the potential of humanity, then it is much easier to become lost in the gap between what is currently and how you would like the world to look, than for people who have less of a vision of what the world could be.

For those who have had a spiritual experience it can be helpful to become aware of your vision, your hopes and dreams for this world and for your life, and to develop some ideas of the areas you would like to work in. It helps to record and enjoy the progress you are making, rather than getting lost in the bigger picture. This is true even if you feel it is small steps towards progress. If you have had a spiritual experience you probably understand the large ripple that even a tiny action can make in the world. Finding joy in these small actions and looking to connect with others who enjoy doing the same, can go a long way towards helping a person restore their faith in the type of world they want to see.