Know Thyself

Knowing yourself requires self-examination, but it also requires a real awareness of what is outside you. As paradoxical as it sounds, to know what is outside you, helps define who you are by what you are not, and it also helps you see how you fit into the larger picture. Often the reason people have been unable to ‘find themselves’, is because it is difficult for them to truly connect with that which is outside of themselves.

As much as people genuinely want to, they are sometimes scared to connect with the world outside them – to other people, the earth, to meaning and feeling. To sit on a spring day and watch and feel the birds fly overhead, to feel the rock you are sitting on and know that you are connected to all the earth, how much it has given you, and to know how much you are in concert with it’s own intent, is a very powerful thing. To sit with another person in silence and understand what they feel and think, the depths of their pain as well as the greatest joy in their heart, is a moment of great impact.

The beauty of touching something outside yourself is both in knowing that you are connected to everything in the earth, and at the same time, you are separate from it. You have skills and hopes and dreams, you have knowledge and information that nothing else on the earth ever has, or will ever have. It does not make you better than anything else, only equal to it, and important, useful, in both the largest and the smallest perspective of the universe.