Individual Sessions


Sessions are $65 for one hour, via Skype. If you are interested in a session please email me -

When you are having difficulty in a life situation, such as knowing which direction to take in your career, relationships or with financial difficulties, it can be helpful to talk with someone removed from your situation, who is outside the influence of the strong emotions you feel, which sometimes make it difficult to make clear decisions.

In talking with a client Louise is capable of moving her awareness and perspective outside her normal self and into a larger perspective, where she is able to connect with universal consciousness and guide you to new perspectives yourself. The focus of each session is the specific issue that the client brings to the session. The goal of all sessions is always to help the client gain greater clarity about where they are in the process of creating what they want in life, the blocks they have placed upon their trail, how to calm themselves and start the process of attracting what they truly want into their lives.

All sessions are based on the following principles:

1)      All humans have creative potential and are using this potential all the time.

2)      People are free to create whatever they want in life, do this simply through the power of their focus and their will. It is not possible to impose upon another person’s will, although you can allow yourself to be influenced by others if you choose this.

3)      Whatever aspect of life that a person focuses upon is magnified and strengthened, so that it gains strength and there is more and more evidence of it in the person’s life.

4)      If you do not enjoy what you have created within your life, it is always possible to find a way to refocus upon the idea of what you do want in life, and learn to grow and develop that idea instead.

5)      When you know how to do this, life is easy. When you don’t know how to do this, life is hard.

6)      It is easy to become confused about the process of focusing upon what you want and create the opposite of this instead. When this happens, feelings of lack of power, failure or shame sometimes arise, which confuse the issue even more, sometimes even causing people to question whether it really is possible to create what they want.

7)      Regardless what you believe about how the world works or how capable you are of creating, you ARE *constantly* creating, with every thought, emotion and deed. The quicker you learn to create what you want instead of what you don’t want in life, the more enjoyable it becomes to be living on earth.

If you feel inclined to contact me for a session we will look at the energetic and emotional space you are holding in connection with what you want to create, identify anything that is discordant within your energy and the methods you can use to remedy the situation. Each session is tailored specifically to the individual client and my primary intent is to connect clearly with universal consciousness to help your life to look and feel more like you really want it to be.