Guiding Principles

The following is a list a basic principles I use in my work with others.

1) Every person always creates their own reality and has the capacity to create anything they wish for themselves in their lives.

2) Everything is energy, including people and their physical bodies. All physical and emotional issues have an energetic root which must be changed before there is any change in the person’s reality.

3) All people hold the power to influence their own energetic, physical and emotional health. No person has the capacity to ‘heal’ any other person. However, it is possible to help a person become aware of and remove the blocks they have built up within their own energy. As these blocks are removed, a healthy, natural state of being easily returns.  

4) The universe has a consciousness and fully and unconditionally supports every person, even if they choose to block that support. The basis of the universe is total, unconditional love.

5) Emotions and actions other than love appear when a person becomes separated from their understanding of how energy works, or how to effectively use their personal power and focus to create what they would love to see or be around in their lives. When you untangle these emotions and actions, at the core you will find the energy of love, usually the desire to access love, and a person who has become confused about how to access and connect with this energy in the world.

6) The purpose of life is to learn how to use your own energy to skillfully create your own reality, to have fun, and to feel love. Feeling unconditional love for yourself is just as important, or more so, than feeling love for others. Until you love yourself first, you cannot truly love others.

7) The more fun you have, the more love and joy you feel, the easier life will be for you. The universe always supports you in your ability to create, however, if you do not understand what you are doing, you may end up with a life that you do not enjoy. Once you learn to create more effectively with your energy, you can turn this around.  When you are in sync with who you really are and the connection you have with the universe, then growth and creating become effortless. That is how life is meant to be lived.