Emotions as Energy

Emotions are vital signals from your inner being that alert you there is more to life, more to you and that you are either taking the difficult route to expansion, or an easier route.

Each living person you know is only the tip of the iceberg, in terms of who they are as energy. Within each person lies roots to their larger self, and within that larger self also lies roots to their own larger self. Ultimately we are connected from within our cores to the rest of the universe, and at some level we have internal access to all information. Like looking at an iceberg, however, we usually only choose to see another person as the personality they have formed themselves into while in this life. Rarely do people dare to look beyond that formation, at that person as part of an energy which is much larger, or at the true core of who they are as a person.

It is always first within themselves that a person feels the urge to pursue a different path, to go a new way or to create more in their life. These urges come through emotions, which are messages from your larger self that there is a better path for you to follow to get where you want to be.

As the larger part of the iceberg is part of you, both that larger part of you ‘underwater’ and the more focused part of you, that you recognize as yourself, ‘above water’, has the same intents. When you make decisions to move in a certain way against the movement of the larger part of yourself, you feel a pressure which should alert you that you are trying to move in a different direction than your larger intent. This comes as initially as small impulses or urges from within yourself.  If you are able to trust that inner part of yourself, you can follow those urges and use that larger perspective to help create your life. When you listen to yourself often, you then mostly avoid feeling unpleasant emotions at stronger levels, because they are simply not necessary. 

The larger perspective of yourself exists outside time and space as we know it in this world. Like a person standing high on a large hill, or mountain, from that perspective it can see obstacles through time and space that would better be avoided, as well as where the objects of your desire are. By using that perspective, you can be directed towards your goals, even when from this perspective you cannot see a direct route to the goals.  

When you do not follow these inner urges, the energetic conflict between you going one way and your larger self moving the other way, increases. It begins to feel more tangible to you and the longer you ignore the pressure, if you are travelling in the opposite direction of your larger self, you start to recognize it as an increasingly unpleasant emotion.  

The pressure of opposing forces creates a real buildup of energy in your body, which you can attempt to ignore. However while you feel this pressure as emotion, the cells of your body also feel this pressure energetically. If it continues for long periods of time it can begin to affect your body physically.

Releasing this emotion through verbal expression can be a useful way to both become consciously aware of the emotion and also to release the energy. However, if you have not changed the direction you are headed in, then it is very likely that the conflict will start to slowly build again, until you feel it as an uncomfortable emotion again.

Whenever you feel an unpleasant emotion such as fear or anger building inside you it is important to stop and reconsider the inner urges you have been ignoring and the situation that is causing your larger self to send you these messages.

Sometimes what can seem to be small changes in your energy or your perspective are all that are required to stop that emotion from building again. For instance, say you are with a person who is in a lot of pain and you are feeling this too. Sometimes becoming aware of your belief that you feel you have to fix this issue for them, and realizing that this is not actually true, is all you have to do to stop this emotion from continuing. Your larger self may have been trying to show you that that particular belief was taking you in a direction away from your greater intent.     

Emotions show you obstacles in the path of where you are going or show you that you are headed in the wrong direction. Paying attention to what the emotion is trying to show you is the best way to work with them, and is relatively easy if you catch the emotion at a lower level. This is not at all the same as ignoring an emotion, as ignoring an emotion is like receiving a warning you are about to drive into something difficult, but you are choosing to ignore this and keep heading in the same direction anyway.

There is no situation or emotion you cannot relieve if you are truly willing to look at your beliefs, consider new beliefs and act on your inner urges. It is highly beneficial to appreciate your emotions, because they are vital and helpful indicators that help you get to where you want to be in life.