About Louise Mcfeat Smith, MA

When I was two I had a near-death experience. The long-term effects of this experience were to decrease the illusion of a veil between the physical and energetic world as I grew into my adult years. The experience helped me remain more sensitive to and aware of the energetic underpinnings of the physical world. Most of my adult life has been a wonderful examination of the energetic forces and tides that result in changes in our physical world, and a study of how we interact with, navigate and create these tides and forces, to create the results that we see within our physical world.

There is nothing more satisfying than becoming an expert at understanding your energetic self and how you interact with others at the energetic level. There are countless theories and explanations of how this comes about. My own inclination is to work with energy at the most basic level that we all understand – in terms of ideas, physical creations, thoughts and emotions. These are concepts that we have all had experiences with and I find it most helpful to understand energy through a lens which examines these aspects, and to apply the concepts in daily life in a practical way.

The way I work with energy and other people is my own unique method, developed from a lifetime of living my own experiences and the particular unique connection with universal consciousness that this lifetime has created. I continue to evolve and expand personally and in my work and am mastering the art of having more and more fun as each new day arrives. One of my main passions is working with others who have had Near-Death Experiences, Spiritually Transformative Experiences, or are otherwise attempting to understand how this physical world fits in with the larger energetic universe that they know exists.